February-March, 2014 The Netherlands (extended meeting), 2 days conference and 1 day for the project group.

  • The conference
  • The evaluation of the conference
  • Evaluation and adaption of the test instruments
  • Webpage and newsletters information
  • Dividing the tasks

Discussion about the dissemination and valorisation


Documents for examination

Qafee Care course examination.pdf
PDF-Dokument [128.6 KB]


Overview - documents on examination
overview of docs examination qafee care.[...]
PDF-Dokument [275.1 KB]
KWIC System of all actors in examination
System of all actors in examination.pdf
PDF-Dokument [183.0 KB]
KWIC - Managing the exam processes: macro - level
Managing the exam processes .pdf
PDF-Dokument [78.8 KB]
KWIC - Managing exam processes: meso and micro level
Managing the exam processes Meso en Micr[...]
PDF-Dokument [113.6 KB]
KWIC - Checklist exam process
Checklist whole exam process.pdf
PDF-Dokument [222.0 KB]
KWIC - Tips for constructing an exam and improving the exam quality
Reference Card.pdf
PDF-Dokument [58.8 KB]
KWIC - Frameworks for the match of exams
Frameworks for the match of exams.pdf
PDF-Dokument [226.2 KB]
KWIC - How to develop an exam
PDF-Dokument [845.4 KB]
KWIC - Framework for technical quality of exams
framework for thechnical quality of exam[...]
PDF-Dokument [152.5 KB]

Trust of the local Industry

KWIC Framework for the trust of local Industry
KWIC Framework for the trust of the loca[...]
PDF-Dokument [345.8 KB]
Axxells Framework
Axxell Framework_Trust+in+the+local+indu[...]
PDF-Dokument [323.9 KB]
azw - Trust of the local industry.pdf
PDF-Dokument [234.2 KB]

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