QAFEE CARE CONFERENCE 26th – 28th February

King William I College, ‘s-Hertogenbosch


Conferenc on Friday 28th of February at Koning Willem I College
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As part of the 5th transnational meeting, a conference was held in King William I College on 02/28/2014. In the initial planning of this meeting probably none of us knew that this day will be the adoption of Helma Hoebink simultaneously. Therefore, it was not just a conference for the project Qafee care. Apart from the participants of each partner numerous guests from different areas of health, health policy and education were, years of companions of Helma Hoebink and her family are welcomed to this ceremony by the President Jeanette Noordijk.
In the opening presentation, Anne Sirge pointed at each step of the project and the already developed detailed results.
Robbert J. J. Gobbens senior researcher at the Rotterdam University of Applied
Sciences in The Netherlands put the focus on the importance of minimizing the risks in the living area for fragile and elderly people. In his numerous research it is shown that the necessary steps have to be set early in order to allow a low-risk housing and thus effective prevention in the care of these patients / clients is possible.
Is that quality not only in the care of dependent people asked, but is an essential component of the respiratory and thus of life, was emphasized in the report by Elisabeth Kalchschmid. For breathing it affects the whole body and the benefits of physiological synergism between diaphragm, transversus abdominis and the pelvic floor musculature represents the minimum-maximum principle in ideally. Very impressive functional MRI images "Breathing with the pelvic floor "of this synergism was shown.
Under the title "Back to the future" Helma Hoebink has revealed their personal career and life. With striking images from her private fund the development of nursing in the Netherlands has been demonstrated. Her many international connections and their tireless efforts in this regard are aimed always depend on quality education and examination of students. Unforgettable is the guiding principle: "The student of today is the colleague of tomorrow". Thank you very much, that you have us share your knowledge, your visions, your ideals can.
The musical frame with piano and vocals underlined the ceremony. The great voice of Eliane Feijen has true stories told and so that participants touched the heart.

Thank you Helma Hoebink

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