End of September, 2013 in Innsbruck, 2 days

  • Discussion of test results of education and examination, evaluation
  • KW1C presents the course for the teachers and the program for the conference
  • Webpage and newsletters information
  • Dividing the tasks        
  • Discussion about the dissemination and valorisation

Results Education

Documentation of the vocational skills demonstration
Axxell evaluation+and+assessment.pdf
PDF-Dokument [113.8 KB]
Documention of the vocational skills demonstration
Axxell Vocational+skills+test+nursing+an[...]
PDF-Dokument [636.4 KB]
Evaluation and assessment scale for on-th-job-learning and vocational skills tests - Axxell
Axxell evaluation+and+assessment.pdf
PDF-Dokument [113.8 KB]
Training Concept "Practical Guide"
AZW Training Concept.pdf
PDF-Dokument [152.6 KB]
Achievement evaluation of the practical training in health care nursing
PDF-Dokument [284.9 KB]
Further education for On the Job Learning Mentors
Axxell Further+education+for+workmentors[...]
PDF-Dokument [26.9 KB]

Results Examination

azw - process final examination
Process Final Examination.pdf
PDF-Dokument [326.0 KB]
azw - process pf the diploma examinations
Process of the diploma examinations.pdf
PDF-Dokument [201.7 KB]
azw - example diploma examination
Example for diploma examination.pdf
PDF-Dokument [99.8 KB]

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